Kimberly English is a fibers artist working and teaching in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Her practice is rooted in the labor of "women's work," often in repetitive endurings of construction, such as weaving or sewing, but also in acts of deconstruction, like unraveling, unknitting, and seam ripping. Her process is informed by historical research into the global garment industry. An examination of the garment industry as a microcosm of manufacturing, and human production in general, Kimberly’s work is bound by the contemporary context of labor. By approaching her work with a sense of empathy, she subverts sartorial techniques to recontextualize everyday cloth.

Kimberly is currently an MFA Candidate at UNC Chapel Hill. Her MFA tenure is supported by a Digital Humanities Fellowship. Kimberly received her BFA in Fibers as a Distinguished Scholar from Savannah College of Art and Design, and her work has been exhibited across the southeast, as well as abroad.






Instagram @kimberly__english